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Shoreline women’s golf club is concerned about the pace of play

To help make our SWGC events more enjoyable for all players, we will be monitoring the pace of play. Should a group be out of position, it will be brought to the players’ attention. The group will be timed.

A decision was made that the starter at the first tee will write down the exact time that the last person in the foursome left the tee. It will be on the starting sheet and turned into the pro shop. That sheet will be picked up by the Tournament Director.

When you come off the 18th green, DO NOT STAND AND DO YOUR SCORES! Go directly to the scoring desk and let them know that you are in and finished. Then do your scorecards, turn them in and go to your cars and put your stuff away.

The Scorers will mark down the time that you came in. If you are over 15 minutes from the last group that came in you will be warned one time only. If it continues to happen after the warning, you will be put at the end of the field for one month.

As Tournament Director’s we will be asking the Marshall if anyone is behind and if there is a particular person that is holding up the foursome.

The golf course has written down how long it should take to play each hole. To finish the front nine, it should take 2 hours and 5 minutes. For the back nine it is 2 hours and 18 minutes. This totals to 4 hours and 23 minutes.

If there is a group that is slow, it slows up the whole field and we have been estimating 5 hour rounds and over for some of the foursomes in the last month.

Ways to speed up play:

1. Play ready golf. If it is safe and not interfering, playing out of turn is permissible.
(usga decision 10-2c/2).

2. Do not take more than one practice swing. The driving range is where you should be practicing your swing and not on the golf course.

3. Study your line of putt while others are preparing to putt. Do not wait until it is your turn. When you are on the green, finish out your putts instead of marking your ball and waiting. Since we are a soft spike facility and the greens are in good condition, standing on someone’s line will not make a difference in the putt (unless conditions warrant otherwise).
When 2 people are through, go to the next tee and tee off.

4. Record scores at the next tee, not greenside. Compare scores at the 19th hole - after the
18th  hole.

5. Think about your next shot as you walk or drive to your ball. Figure out the yardage and what club to hit and not wait and take minutes at the ball to make your decision.

6. Be aware of the group in front of you. Look ahead not behind.

As stated above the times will be checked in the future. We are here to try and help everyone have an enjoyable day.

Tournament Directors - Mary Lu Bishop