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To become a regular member, an applicant must have amateur standing and an established USGA index of 38.1 or better.  In lieu of the index requirement, an applicant may play a qualifying round (112) with a Shoreline WCG Board Member.    An applicant playing a qualifying round is not eligible to participate in that day’s game.  All new members shall play an introductory round with a Shoreline Board Member.

1. A member may obtain a temporary handicap by turning in five score cards to the handicap chairperson. After posting 20 scores, she will receive an established handicap.
An applicant may attempt to qualify 3 times.   If unsuccessful she will be invited to Associate Membership.
3. Regular membership is limited to 120 members. To maintain membership, each member must attend one general meeting, be a starter and a scorer (the number of assignments will be based upon the needs of the club), and play 5 play days during the 12 months ending December 15. Members 70 years of age and older must play 3 games during the 12-month period. Members joining after July 1 must attend one general meeting, play five play days and pay $20 annual dues for that year.
a. When a member represents Shoreline in
County Team Play, she will receive one-half game credit for that day. If the game is on a Tuesday, she will receive one-game credit towards her 10-game requirement. If a member performs the duty of a marshal when Shoreline hosts County team play, or substitutes for the duty of starter/scorer in addition to her regular duties, she will also receive one-game credit.
b. If unable to play 10 games, members may send a letter of explanation by September 15th to the Membership Chairperson. A member may elect to become an associate for a minimum of six months, after which she may request a transfer to regular member status.

Associate membership is available for women who wish to have a club membership but are unable to play on regular play days or qualify as a regular member.  Associate Members pay annual dues and a one-time registration fee of $10.00.  Associate Members play at the end of the field, pay the same discounted rate as a regular member, but do not participate in the day’s game.
1. Associate members may play at the end of the field on club play days six times during the year. If requesting a transfer to regular membership she must shoot the qualifying score and will have priority on the waiting list if the membership is full.
2. Associate members who were previously regular members need not re-qualify for regular member status.

C. Life membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to any member in recognition of outstanding service to the club and shall be announced at a general meeting. Life members will be included in the Roster and all Club activities.

A. All regular and associate members shall pay dues and fees, as follows:
1. Initiation fee is $25. If a member leaves the club, the initiation fee will be waived if she rejoins during the following year.
Club dues are $88 per year which includes $49  current PWGA dues.  Members joining after July 1 pay half this rate. Exceptions:
Lifetime member - no club dues.
Past Captain - one year only - no club dues.
3. Dues are payable October 1 and are delinquent November 1st. The fine for delinquent dues is $5. Members who have not paid by November 15 will be dropped as of December 31 and must reapply.

B. If necessary, additional Hole-in-One insurance may be collected. These funds will be used to pay the bar bill for one drink per member present on the play day when the hole-in-one was made by a regular member. If a member makes a hole-in-one on a guest day, the celebration drinks will be awarded at the next regular play day when she is present. In addition, a gift from the club will be presented to the member at the annual awards meeting.


All regular members will be eligible to win sweeps, Closest-to-the-Pin and chip Ins. Sweeps of $5 per person are included in the payment each play day to the Pro Shop. Member’s winnings for play days, tournaments and Closest to the Pin are awarded with merchandise gift certificates from the Pro Shop on a monthly basis. Should a player withdraw or be disqualified, she is still eligible for CTP, chip-ins, and can still post birdies. For all play days and tournaments, ties are broken by matching cards in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf, Appendix I.
All members and guests must play to a maximum 40 handicap.
A. The major tournaments are the Club Championship and the Match Play Tournament. For eligibility, ladies must have been a regular member for at least three months, have an established handicap, and have participated in five or more play days in the current club year.
B. The special tournaments are the Invitational, Spring Shoot, Holiday Shoot and Individual and Partner Eclectics.
C. The monthly Captain's Trophy Day requires a minimum of 12 players. It may be postponed for one week only, then canceled. To participate, ladies must have been a regular member for at least three months and have played five or more play days. If 20 members tee off on Trophy Day, payouts will be paid, regardless of how many members finish. A medallion will be awarded to a member when she wins her first Captain’s Trophy.
D. To participate in the Captain’s Classic a member must win Trophy Day during her current membership and have played five or more times since January first of the current year.


A.   A minimum of 8 players teeing off shall constitute a play day.  Sweeps will be paid out regardless of how many people finish.  However, if there are 7 or fewer players, their sweeps will not be paid out but will be credited to their account.  Any member with a temporary handicap is eligible for sweeps.  All members must play to a maximum handicap of 40. 

A. Members may invite one guest with an established handicap. All members and guests must play to a maximum handicap of 40.

A. There will be four general meetings per year. The dates and place are to be set by the Captain. Thirty percent of the regular membership shall constitute a quorum. Election of officers will take place at the general meeting in the fall. Special meetings may be called by the Captain.
B. The Board of Directors shall meet four times per year. Five members (delete extra spaces here) shall constitute a quorum. The Captain may call a special meeting at any time.

A. To cancel Tee times after 6PM the day prior to play, call the Pro Shop on the day of play by 7:00 a.m. Failure to cancel and being a “no show” will result in being put at the end of the field for one month.
You can now sign up at the  (new) website
http://ghin.com/eclub/ShorelineWGC  starting for all matches in September 2013!  Deadline to sign up at the website ist the Tuesday, before you want to play;  7 days prior to playing!!!!

Ingrit will send out an email with the list of players on the Wednesday,
6 days prior to the day you want to play!  You can answer the email to ingrit@ingerit.com, then you are on the list!

On Thursday afternoon, 5 days prior to playing, Ingrit will send out an email to all with the Tee times!  After that the pro shop will take care of additions and cancellations.


Revised February 2018